I can buy cheap reproduction door knobs for less than you can sell them, why should I even think about buying from Cirecast?" This is a question we often get asked when potential customers look at our product. It is a fair question. Frankly we aren’t interested in competing with a poorly made, inferior product that is mass marketed. Sometimes the manufacturer even highlights the “rustic” nature of the product. From our point of view, pits, scratches and other imperfections are flaws, not things of beauty.

High quality Cirecast sash lock compared to poor quality offshore knockoffs

Poorly Made Windows Latch            Cirecast Window Latch

So the simple answer to the above question is buy what you want, but understand that a much finer quality product will cost you more. Too many folks just don’t know what to look for and what distinguishes exceptional quality hardware from average quality and from poorly made product. Many of our “competitors” make that difficult for you-the pictures on the website have been retouched or cannot be enlarged so that you can see the poor quality casting and the inferior finishing.

So here is a guide for you: things to look for in picking hardware.

Design and Engineering

We use a variety of proprietary techniques to ensure that the new castings are the same size as the originals; Worn spots (due to years of use or poor finishing when the piece was originally made) have been corrected. When you get a finished product from Cirecast, it is true to the original intentions of the pattern maker.


We have perfected the art of casting hardware. Our products are better because our castings are the best quality: no pitting and no imperfections. Take a jewelers loupe and examine our product. There is no comparison.  


Our finishing is special-because we take the time to do it right. Our products go through a 5-15 step finishing process-from precision milling and machining to grinding, buffing and hand sanding. We utilize a range of techniques to impart a great finish-including patination baths and hand rubbed finishes. You can see and feel the difference.