Custom lever handle for a private residence  Custom lever for the UN Ambassador to Equtorial Guinea  Custom top caps for large table
Three examples of custom products: two door levers and custom custom top caps for a large table.

Pattern for dogwood door knob
Custom doorknob created from the image of a flower.

Evaluating prototype to be molded s
Evaluating a prototype before creating a mold.

Cirecast skilled designers and pattern makers can transform any design into cast metal. We can work with you to create an original design, adapt your design or alter one of our many products to meet your specific requirements. We have a range of equipment and techniques to enlarge or reduce an existing pattern to a specific size. We can also create new patterns that meet ADA requirements while blending seamlessly with existing historic hardware.

Applying high polish to selected places
A worker applies a fine polish to selected
portions of a door plate.

Cirecast has earned a reputation among designers, architects and institutions as the preferred source for the design, restoration, and fabrication.

Cirecast can take on the smallest to the largest projects. The company has been selected to design and manufacture products ranging from doorknobs to elevator service panels to lighting fixtures which are over 7 feet in diameter and more than 12 feet high. Architects have specified Cirecast when ADA compliant hardware had been required which matches an existing historic installation. Cirecast employs a staff of patternmakers and craftsmen who can take on the most demanding projects.