Many customers contact Cirecast because they have existing historic hardware that they are trying to reproduce and/or adapt for their current needs. Cirecast can reproduce an existing design, modify it to meet new hardware requirements (ADA compliance or new internal hardware such as panic bars), or create other items based upon the historic design. Often an original hardware item has been compromised by holes or other modifications that have been done to the hardware over the years. Cirecast has the ability to create new hardware that is exactly the same size, fit and finish as the original. Other times a project requires historically correct hardware but there are no suitable samples still extant. Cirecast has access to hundreds of historic designs which can be reproduced to meet your specific needs.

  Original and new casting of lever Huntington Library s  Old and new casting matchup Huntington Library s
Design pattern plus original and reproduction of door handles for Huntington Library in Pasadena, CA

Re detailing panel from mid 19th century gas chandelier  Illustration of Russwin Unit lock early 20th century pattern s  Machining casting 1 s
Re-detailing a panel                            Pattern in progress for dogwood door knob                           Machining a casting

Detail drawings of custom designs are created and reviewed before the products are manufactured.

Colorado State_House_project_detail_side_s   Metro Court House s
      Colorado State House Deco Bead                    Nashville Metro Court House Door Knob

Colorado State Hous project2 detail s   Colorado State House project s   Kansas State House project detail top s
Colorado State House Door Plate Design           Kansas State House Door Plate Design              Kansas State House Push Plate Design